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What Is SEO

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At Richmond SEO we pride ourselves on a very simple pricing structure. SEO can be a little befuddling, so let's keep it simple. There are two distinct phases. Phase I and Phase II:


Initial Research £350 for 1 Months SEO

Establish/Identify quality tagging - Check page loading times - Keyword analysis - Upload Sitemap - Internal/External linking - Competitor analysis - Check/embed tracking code - Assess search engine compatibility - Current traffic analysis


Ongoing Implementation £300 per month (at your request)

Correct tagging errors - Identify individual pages for optimisation - Optimise on-page keywords/phrases - Link Checking (internal and external) - Develop and advise on social media strategy - Manually submit site pages to local search engines and directories - Develop and implement link building strategy - Regular progress reports

It is entirely possible that elements of phase II will be included in phase I at no extra cost to you.

Management of your Google Ads account is also available. How effective is your AdWords campaign? Let a qualified Google Ads Consultant check your campaign.

Hourly rates are also available. Please contact me to discuss.

Contact Details:

You can email Richmond SEO HERE

or alternatively Telephone: 0208 878 3929
Mobile: 07980 613281

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